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Pain points

Lack of time. You have limited time to source for companies to maintain and upkeep the buildings they are in charge of.

Cost control. You must trawl through many quotes in order to obtain the best prices and operate within budget.

Asset maintenance. You must constantly plan ahead for inventory, inspections and maintenance in your buildings.


Tendering made easy

SmartTender is a cloud-based eTendering platform for construction and facility management, allowing companies to run tenders quickly, discover and reach more vendors and secure better prices.

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SmartTender by the numbers

Time saved
Companies to invite
Years to plan ahead


  • Be more efficient with your available resources.
  • Get more vendors to respond to your tenders.
  • Stay within budget with better prices from vendors.


  • Open up tenders to almost every company in the market, so you can reach a wider pool of vendors.
  • Create a tender in just 3 minutes.
  • Planning and tracking modules help you stay on track.


Package recommended for you


Per monthFromS$99Buy nowPackage includes following features:
  1. 3 minutes to create an opportunity.
  2. Public opportunities.
  3. Max 10MB of attachment per opportunity.
  4. Advanced communication with sellers.
  5. Secure cloud.


Per monthFromS$299Buy nowPackage includes following features:
  1. All SILVER features +
  2. Private opportunities
  3. No volume limitations for attachments
  4. Document management solutions
  5. Internal user hierarchy
  6. ‘Smart clarification’ module
  7. AI-based recommendations of subcontractors
  8. Inverted auction system
  9. 5 Due diligences/month


Upon RequestContact usPackage includes following features:
  1. All GOLD features +
  2. Run opportunities on behalf of another client.
  3. NDA signature
  4. Audit functions
  5. Access to bid forms
  6. Creation of letter of awards
  7. Two-factor authentication
  8. Secure private cloud
  9. Integration with other ERP
  10. 20 Due diligences/month


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