If you’ve worked in the construction industry for a while, you’ll probably have a list of trusted vendors you work with regularly. You’ve probably also seen your share of bad eggs. SmartTender’s Vendor Management System helps you approve trusted vendors quickly and easily, and weed out those you’d rather avoid. It prompts vendors to upload important documents to help you screen and certify them. Our system is also integrated with a credit bureau, so you can buy reports at a low price to help further assess a seller. Use the Vendor Management module to collaborate with teams and colleagues, making vendor management smart, easy and efficient.

How it works?

  • Our system prompts vendors to fill in a profile, which includes documents such as licenses and certifications. This lets you screen and certify them.
  • Pre-qualify potential vendors for your tenders.
  • Blacklist vendors who have performed poorly.
  • Select vendors and award tenders.
  • Share vendor feedback via an internal comments system, so all teams within the company know how a vendor performed.

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