International reports and surveys describe the construction industry as one of the sectors with the highest corruption risk. With more countries around the world enforcing bribery laws, it makes sense for your company to remain above board — especially in the emerging markets of Asia-Pacific and China which have the largest share of growth. SmartTender’s Compliance Training module will help your company stay ahead of the curve. Publish compliance guidelines and other internal regulations when issuing tenders, train employees involved in procurement and purchasing, test their compliance knowledge and keep your team updated with refresher training.

How it works?

  • Define employee categories based on their document access rights, and define their training material.
  • Distribute documents according to employee categories.
  • Define training and test material for each document.
  • Oversee your employees’ training progress and keep them up to date with reminders.
  • Ensure that each new employee completes compliance training. A program blocking mechanism prevents them from using selected features if they do not complete compliance training within a 30-day window.

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