When it comes to project management, communication is key. So we designed SmartTender’s communication platform to help you collaborate efficiently with internal and external stakeholders. If you’ve ever used WhatsApp for work or play, you’ll find our communication platform just as convenient. Answer questions from vendors, chat with experts such as architects, consultants and project managers, and archive all communication for easy reference.

How it works?

  • Vendors ask questions about the project. Their questions are consolidated in a central dashboard where members of your company can answer them.
  • We automate email reminders that are sent out at predetermined milestones, to keep everyone in the team on schedule.
  • Project managers don’t always have the answer, so we help them find someone who does. Our system lets team members direct questions to specific stakeholders such as architects, project managers and consultants. Answers are compiled for easy reference by everyone in the team.

Enjoy your free trial