Government Technology Agency: the Government Technology Agency (GovTech) is responsible for driving digital transformation within the public sector. It harnesses the best info-communications technologies to make a difference to the everyday lives of people in Singapore.

In May, GovTech revealed that it has built an API exchange, called APEX, in collaboration with the Ministry of Finance (MoF), to serve as a centralised data sharing platform for government agencies to share data conveniently and securely through the use of Application Programming Interfaces or APIs.

GovTech also rolled out a Whole-of-Government Application Analytics platform from June 2017. It provides a set of common metrics and measurements to enable public agencies to conduct real-time monitoring of the performance of their websites and digital services, conveniently and cost-effectively. It consists of a central dashboard, that depicts the overall health status of government websites and digital services and an analytics tool that can be embedded within agencies’ websites and digital services for personal tracking. No personal data will be tracked in the monitoring process.

GovTech has been developing the Smart Nation Sensor Platform (SNSP), converting all 110,000 lamp posts in Singapore into an interconnected network of wireless sensors. SNSP will enable agencies to collect, analyse, and share data from sensors deployed island wide. Agencies can share common sensor communications backhaul and share the collected data to gain deeper insights. It would include a range of initiatives from smart metering in residential areas to provide consumers with timely information on their utility consumption to planning public transport using vehicular counting on a video analytics platform.

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