THE WAY WE DO THINGS NOW can be said to have been vastly improved by technology — our data collection and analysis programs are much better now at helping us make better decisions and reduce waste, while automotive technologies are challenging the old ways of doing things.

“Top-of-mind” technologies in 2007, according to PwC’s Global Digital IQ® Survey 2017, included data mining and analysis, search tech and virtual collaboration tools – today we’re seeing the emergence of virtual reality, artificial intelligence, big data frameworks and Internet of Things (IoT) devices come into mainstream thinking.

Executives in all industries are looking for ways to integrate technology into their systems, whether they are massive corporates with legacy systems, or smaller businesses looking for cheaper ways to participate in commercial activities.

Even governments are getting in on the action. The global corporate consultancy McKinsey and Co. estimates that as much as US$1 trillion will be spent on digitizing government services and processes every year globally.

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